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Aéropole de Charleroi
1, rue Clément Ader
B-6041 Gosselies - Belgium
Phone : 00 32 71 44 44 66
Fax : 00 32 71 43 95 74
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Badge Readers

The badge reader system controls the access to the train and to the cab. The badge contains driver identification and other train mission data to speed up the data entry phase.


Base Station

The base station is installed behind the outer wall of the train or on the dashboard. IP65 waterproof level is achieved.
Each station is equipped with Led's, a buzzer and a relay to activate the door's gate. 
Up to 4 base stations can be connected to the Central Unit.


Desktop unit

The desktop unit is directly powered from the train battery and has a dedicated ethernet link at 10/100 Mbits foreseen for the communication with the Train Control Monitoring System. It can be used in stand-alone mode or connected to the Central Unit for redundant power supply.
The badge is optically detected by a dedicated circuitry and a contact "Badge Present" is activated. This circuitry is independant from the internal processor for safety reasons.
The badge is used as a remote storage unit and can store various information such as driver's identification, seat position, set point for air conditioning, ... 





Central Unit

The Central Unit is directly powered from the train battery and connected to the base stations.
An ethernet link at 10/100 Mbits is foreseen for the communication with the Train Control Monitoring System.
The Central Unit has a back-uped real-time clock and stores a history log. Optional relays output for train standby control or illumination control, optional SD-card for data storage and black list management. 

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