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Aéropole de Charleroi
1, rue Clément Ader
B-6041 Gosselies - Belgium
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Speed indicators

A range of single-needle or double-needle custom designed speed indicators using traditional galvanometers or stepping-motor devices with sophisticated re-reading devices to make access to the speed information more secure. 

Backup Speed Indicator for ERTMS

"Backup" speed indicator for use with ERTMS to display the train speed when the safety cubicle is isolated; displays the speed issued by the Trainborne Recording Unit. Can also be used as main Digital Speed Indicator.  Fully user-configurable (0-10V, 0-21 mA, range of input, end of scale, KM/H or MPH,...). User configuration loaded by means of USB stick.

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SJ X40 Speed Indicator

Safety speed indicator with stepping motor and re-reading to devices. Internal monitoring of two different speed values delivered by the train tachymetry and by the ATC system. Any defect in the speed measurement is indicated by means of a Liquid Crystal Display Flag, patented by Logiplus. 


STIB/MIVB Speed Indicator

Double needle speed indicator driven by automatic train control system installed on board of the Brussels tramways. 




AGC Set Speed Indicator

Single needle set speed indicator for SNCF AGC trainsets. 




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