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Aéropole de Charleroi
1, rue Clément Ader
B-6041 Gosselies - Belgium
Phone : 00 32 71 44 44 66
Fax : 00 32 71 43 95 74
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Railway Products

SNCF Speed Indicators

A range of ATESS speed indicators homologated by SNCF (SAM-S-702) and already installed in thousands of trains.  



Speed Indicators

Single- or double-needle speed indicators with galvanometers, servo-control motors or liquid crystals.  


Cab Displays 

Cab Displays for Automatic Train Protection. In addition to the train’s actual speed, various items of information are relayed to the driver, such as, for example, target-distance, target-speed, and instantaneous speed instructions.


Onboard Displays - DMIs - SIL0 or SIL2 

Driver's Interfaces specifically designed for the railway onboard environment.
SIL0 or SIL2 for safety information display. 10,4" or 8" displays.
Multiple interfaces such as MVB, Profibus, Ethernet, video input.
Installation in compact mode or split mode with remote CPU unit.


Tone Generators

Electronic “Tone Generator” devices replacing with advantage the electromechanical noise-makers (bells, buzzers, etc) in the driver cabs; reduced dimensions, excellent reliability, faithful tone reproduction, easy programming and volume adjustment. 



GPS Clock and Antennas

GPS synchronized clock to unify the display of time on board of all engines on the network.
GPS antennas for outdoor or indoor installation. 

Badge Reader - Access control and Driver ID

The badge reader system controls the access to the train and to the cab. The badge contains driver identification and other train mission data and allows to speed up the data entry phase.


Data Entry Devices

Robust terminals for entering information. Wide LCD screen, keyboard with backlight, different serial link options.


Juridical Recorders - ERTMS

Juridical recorders and ERTMS Trainborne Recording Units with crash-resistant memory installed on board of the trains.



PWM Traction/Brake encoder - SIL0 or SIL2

A range of PWM traction encoders used to control the traction/brake train lines. The EMCO+ product developped for the SNCF NAT trainset has a safety integrity level of SIL2 and controls the pneumatic brakes.

SIL2 Platform height detection

A SIL2 platform height detection system to allow the access on board of the train of the passengers in Wheel-Chair.

Ibox - European SIL2 Gateway 

Ibox interfaces with most national Automatic Train Protection systems and ERTMS.
It concentrates the driving information on a single SIL2 DMI or a SIL2 DMIs network connected through ethernet

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